New born care and well baby visits.

When should I take my baby to a first doctor's visit?

What can I expect from a visit to my child's doctor?


What is Nipissing District Developmental Screen? This is a checklist used to follow the development of children age 1 month to 6 years. This tool is used to proactively identify developmental problems. You may be asked to review this checklist prior to your visit with your doctor. To obtain a free copy of this tool visit:


Community Resources

Are you worried about your child's development? Halton Early Years Centers and ROCK have a Developmental Early Identification and Prevention Program (DEIPP). DEIPP clinics are quick 15 min consultations for parents who are questioning if they should be worried about their child's development. For schedule or to make an appointment visit: DEIPP clinics


What is a healthy diet?  Canada's food guide is a good tool to determine your healthy diet. 

I have high blood pressure. What do I need to know and what can I do to improve my blood pressure?

I have diabetes (high blood sugar). How do I live a healthy and active life?

I need help quitting smoking. Butt Out Smoking Cessation program is a free group smoking cessation program offered at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.